Land Link Montana can't be the expert service on all things agriculture.  Fortunately, many resources already exist, and many are listed here.  If you know of any other resources, please email them to Annie Heuscher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can share them with farmers and ranchers like you!

Beginning farmers and ranchers may need professional guidance for:
  • Business planning and formation,
  • Loans and financing,
  • Lease, share-crop, and buy-sell arrangements,
  • Marketing strategies,
  • Production systems.
Retiring farmers and ranchers might need expertise in the following areas:
  • Estate planning,
  • Lease, share-crop, and buy-sell arrangements,
  • Retirement planning,
  • Conservation strategies and funding sources.
 Non-farming landowners might have questions around:
  • Agricultural and legal issues,
  • Lease, share-crop, and buy-sell arrangements,
  • Estate & retirement planning,
  • Conservation strategies and funding sources.

Access to Capital/Financing your Farm:

 Montana Department of Agriculture/The Montana Beginning Farm and Ranch Loan Program

 Montana Farm Service Agency

 Washington State Department of Agriculture Guide to Financing your Business

 Amazing list of grant programs from


Business Planning/Legal Advice:

 MSU Extension Family Economics

 Marsha A. Goetting (MSU Extension Family Economics Agent)

 Montana Community Development Corporation

 US Small Business Administration

 Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont

 Nolo, Law for All  (There is free information under the “Get Informed” section.)


Lease Arrangements:

 Calculating Crop Share, Cash and Flexible Cash Lease Arrangements

 A Lease Agreement Guide for Landowners and Farmers


General Beginning Farmer Resources:

 ATTRA’s Beginning Farmer Resources

 New England Small Farm Institute

 Northeast Beginning Farmer Project (useful online courses, publications, and webinars)

 Rooted Montana (documenting a new generation of farmers and ranchers in Montana) 


Certification in Montana:

 Montana Sustainable Growers Union

 Montana Organic Certification


Farm Planning and Beginning Farmer Education:

 Montana State University Extension

 Cultivating Success (sustainable small farms education in Washington and Idaho)

 University of Idaho Extension - small farms

 Oregon State University Extension – small farms

 Washington State University Extension

 Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service

 Land For Good

 Resource Guide for Vermont’s New and Aspiring Farmers (not Montana specific, but still very helpful)


Beginning Farmer Activism/Community:

 National Young Farmers Coalition

 The Greenhorns

 Farm Hack



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