Light appetizers will be provided by Bravo Catering and the first 25 individuals to make a loan will receive a free drink token!

Participating Farmers:




Ploughshare Farm, Moiese: $6,000 for seeds and other early-season costs

Find Ploughshare's Kiva Loan Here!








Flare Pops, Polson: $3,000 for a new enterprise from Fresh Roots Farm, offering paletas, Mexican-style popsicles made with fruits and vegetables from their farm

Find Flare Pops' Kiva Loan Here!






County Rail Farm, Huson (previously Dixon): $10,000 to pay for improvements at their new farm location 

County Rail completed fundraising on their loan in just 7 days - nearly a Kiva record!



How Does Pitchfest Work?

Each farmer will make a 5-10 minute pitch of their business and their loan opportunity. Each will have a dedicated computer at the event so that individuals can make loans immediately. Links to their loans will also be available if lenders want to make a later investment or share with friends. Lenders can invest as little as $25 up to $10,000 and will be repaid via the Kiva website and able to withdraw repaid funds or lend again. 

Lending requires a Kiva account. Payment on the Kiva site occurs through PayPal and lenders can use an existing PayPal account or use a "guest" account at the event. A computer will be available on-site for lenders to create these accounts, but lenders are encouraged to set up accounts in advance.


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Here are a few pictures from our last Pitchfest!

Stay tuned for more details and join us in January at Farm Fresh Pitchfest!


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