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Keep Ag in our Culture!

Save It, Don't Pave It!


ACT NOW. It’s time to show your support for Missoula farmland. Our County is about to make changes to the Subdivision Regulations that will have a big impact on the remaining farmland. The future of local farmland is hanging in the balance. Let the Commissioners know community farms matter to you. Tell them we need meaningful protections for ag land.

Missoula County’s proposed framework for Subdivision regulations would require a developer to pay a fee when a proposed subdivision would have a substantial impact on agriculture. Those fees would be put into a fund and used to purchase farmland.

The measure is a step in the right direction but doesn’t go far enough!

The new proposal:

  • Removes Local Soils From Protection
  • Allows Funds To Be Spent On Things Other Than Farmland
  • Needs To Provide A Suite of Developer Options

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Farms and Ranches are...

  • A part of our community

  • A part of our prosperity

  • A part of Missoula's heritage.